Cross Country

Cross Country is an excellent type of running. It also has the added benefit of strengthening your legs, and is a lot less stressful than road racing many find.

It is always suggested that you should include a certain amount of running offroad, this is to save the stresses of impact on your body, especially knees.

Sudbury Joggers annually compete in the Suffolk Winter Cross Country League, which comprises of 5 or 6 events across Suffolk between the months of October and February.

Sudbury Joggers have a combined team with Newmarket Joggers, and it is always nice for Sudbury to put out our fair share of runners, in order to give us as competitive a team as is possible.

The league scores are worked out on the first 7 male and 4 female finishers for each team, with large penalties for teams that are short of this number of participants, and so it is vital that members of all abilities take part in these events as often as possible.

Each event is entry on the day, usually £3, and the distance is in the region of 5 miles.